This page about Acne home remedies, complete detail of home remedies for acne scars so read here acne treatments

  • Acne is a common problem, which occurs in the adolescent stage. Teens get acne because of the hormonal changes that come with puberty. If your parents had this problem then you will be too
  • You can finish completely, but for that, you have to take care of something like: Some unhealthy daily habits
acne treatment home remedies


  • If a cavity closes and closes, but if the skin emerges, you leave a whitehead.
  • If a hole goes upstairs, but remains open, then the upper surface can be darker and you are left with a blackhead.
  • Sometimes the wall of the hole opens, allowing sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells to make their way under the skin
  • and you stay with a small, red-colored bump called Pimple ( Sometimes the pimples are filled with pus, the body's response to bacterial infections).


  • The solution to your problem is up to you, if you take care of yourself in the beginning, this problem will not increase
  • It has direct impact with your daily life, how many hours you sleep, how much less or high you sleep
  • Must check your food is not bad for health, because some times it’s also affect your face and body
  • Its simple steps we always miss out and end of the result we found some bad things on our face
  • Like, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, pimples and more
acne home remedies



  • First cut the tomatoes halfway
  • Apply the salt as it is mentioned in the photo
  • Now put the tomatoes on your face
  • Leave the face until dry and wash after 10-15 minutes
  • You can also use the same method with turmeric


  • Take johnson's baby, rosewater and maltani soils in the same amount
  • Now these all there’s mix it well
  • Then apply your face with a light massage
  • Wash after 10-15 minutes
  • You can keep it all night too - Wash your face in the morning
Best Acne treatment for Teenage Girls and boys

Best Acne Treatment for Teenage Girls and Boys | Acne On Cheeks 

  • As you read above How acne come to your face, So here gives you solution
  • This section for Teenage who facing acne and want instant solution
  • First of all, know that acne is normal in teenage age, Don't Worry about that
  1. GARLIC : Cut the Garlic from the middle side and smoothly rub on acne

In this step garlic is one type of antiseptic properties that can fight off bacteria invading your skin.

    2. Cucumberits a natural remedy to soothe skin, You can directly apply this on your affected area. these include Vitamins A, C, and E. 

if you used regularly, cucumber can prevent the development of oily skin and eventually, acne breakouts.

    3. HoneyHoney never worsens, this is one of the reasons it eliminates bacteria. So use Honey on you Pimple or acne 

Its Magical formula for you, Direct apply on you face wash it after 10-15 Mins. Within 10 days you will see results

types of acne

Teenage Acne Treatments That Works | Acne Remedies

    4. Toothpaste : Another home product, who works like your ordinary facial mask, You can direct used this on you affected area.

It eliminates all the bacteria in your acne. You get to see its effect in one night. So if you have many acne then apply Toothpaste gel. 

    5. Tea Tree Oil : People use it less, but it is very good that you make acne disappear, You should mash the face of this little boil and then wash the face well. 

So It has antibacterial properties which help eliminate acne-causing bacteria from your skin, You must apply this products. 

   6. Lemon : Lemon is one type of low level acid, Yes it is. You can direct apply lemon on your face.

Take it 15-20 Mins then wash it, Where you have acne, it will burn lightly and that's the sign of lemon. 

  • Here we gives you some best home products for your acne, Which you can disappear in a over night
remove acne permanently

Teenage Acne Diet | Teenage Acne Pictures

  • Here we gives you best diet plan for your acne, This section specially arranged for public demand
  • This section divide in two parts 1. Food Must Eat 2. Food Don't Eat


  • We arrange you some schedule for you, Must choose any habits and apply it
  • MORNING : In Morning you can drink Lemon water or Honey Water
  • You should drink hot boiled water and honey is a very good thing for you.
  • AFTER-NOON : Take a healthy Juices this will defiantly helps you both side. 
  • If possible then drink Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, or Apple Juice with Honey.
  • Green tea is also something that lets you get rid of acne
  • NIGHT : You can apply some remedies on you acne.
  • Eat Cucumber before you dinner and also take your night Hot water of honey.

Acne Vitamins


  • Avoid Every Dairy Products, Yes It a Another Reason of Increases your acne
  • All this will have to stop eating Refined Grains and Sugars, Its boost acne so you actually need to control on this 
  • Our All time Favorite food are Fast Food, Its Also effect your acne negative side 
  • Because Foods Rich in Omega-6 Fats so that fat boost acne all over your face 
  • If you can take supplement then avoid Whey Protein Powder for sometimes its also one type of acne increase product.  
  • Last and most important Chocolate Yes it is, Chocolate increases your acne and spreads it on the face
  • All should not eat until the face is clean and good
acne before after

Acne on Back | Acne on Neck

Now we will talk about how you remove acne on the back, This Same Method also work for Acne on Neck

  • First of all you have to lighten the hot water, add some baking soda and clean the whole back.
  • It will be clear that the full sweat of your back, Clear with a handful of towel
  • Take half a bowl and put toothpaste gel in it, Mix it well Until the bubbles become
  • Now Massage it with a light hand, Its Will start to burn a bit, Just avoid it
  • Do it again after drying, Follow this 2-3 in week, Within 15-20 days you will get good result


  • Before Bath Massage honey in your back/Neck after 15-20 Mins Take Normal bath Its also Helps you. 
  • You can try this remedies with tea oil, Your acne will disappear in a few days

Acne on Under Chin | Acne on nose | Acne Before and After

If you facing acne on your Chin and Nose then we providing some best solution for you 

  • Take juice of 2-3 lemons, Now add some hot honey inside the bowl 
  • Apply it where it is in acne, Take care of acne if it does not break
  • Because At breakdown, it starts spreading This is one of reason of spreading 
  • Now wash it after 20 Mins, It actually gives you perfect result   

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