This policy also known as “non-life insurance”.  General insurance means one type of financial protection.


General Life Insurance also called Short term insurance

In U.S.A more companies gives this insurance with flexible premiums so it’s good for Americans

Inside this policy protect ourselves and the thinks we valve, such as our cars, our homes, our valuables, from financial impact of risk, from flood, fire, earthquake and also storm, car accidents, & more.

Best benefits are we can choose the types of risk cover by choosing the right kind of policy. In General Insurance

General insurance policy

General Insurance Information

General insurance policy is you pay a monthly or annual Premium.

The risk of these things happening to you may seem small.

But if it did happen, the impact it could have on your finances, your lifestyle & potentially your future too.

So at the end this policy can manage your life stable. In time of loss or damage, you are less likely to be left pay the full of cost on your own, which could leave you in financial crisis.

Premium should be paid in lump sum. Claim Payment as per Loss reimbursed or liability incurred will be repaid on the occurrence of uncertain event.

Before buying this policy we need to compare number of policy companies.

Because every company have own different rules & regulation, but at the end every company want customers a quality customers who pay regular basis premium and also connect with long time

General Insurance is most common type of insurance,  Most People choose this INSURANCE for Financial Safety.

So of you really want General insurance so you need compare number of policy companies in U.S.A, its make your pocket safe & also your policy


Types of General Insurance

  1. Health: for all common types health insurance as per policy
  2. Marine : in insurance covers goods, cargo & other interests against loss during transit road, sea, rail etc
  3. Motor: its divide into two parts 1. Two wheels 2. Four wheels
  4. Travel: many types like family travel, student travel, senior citizen health travel, individual travel & more
  5. Home: Protect our house & its contents.
  6. Commercial: All sectors of the industry arising out of business operations