Growing Coffee Beans at Home – 20 ways to make coffee

  • Here we will give you complete information about coffee
  • You will understand how to grow espresso from coffee beans and care of plant.
  • And tell you 20 ways about how you can make coffee at any place 
20 different ways to make coffee

How to Grow a Coffee Plant at Home | Growing Coffee Beans at Home

  • As per survey more than 63% American like to drink coffee
  • Here we will give you full information about espresso
  • We will tell you how espresso comes from the tree to your cup.
  • And not just enough but many ways to make coffee
  • Here you are given a link from where you can conquer espresso bean and you can grow in your house very simply
  • In which you have told this seed in small port like in the picture below, just give one inch below, and then pour the water up to 10-15 days so that the water is wet.
  • You will start seeing results in 6-8 days but you do not have to hurry. Work from work should allow 15-20 days to grow as big trees
  • You can plant this coffee tree that you can plant and do not forget to cut off its old leaves every week.


  • You do not have to talk about anything else; any 2 mix will grow inside the soil.
  • Just take care of pouring water, do not add too much to the top of the soil, so much so that the most important thing is to keep patience.
  • And if the morning light gets hot then it will be better
  • (5-7 days may let as per the weather around your home)

Inside We give you Best Ways To Make Coffee


STEP - 1

  • Now teach you, how come from the coffee tree to your house
  • First choose the baked espresso fruit as you like in the first picture
  • And only break the good fruits which are needed according to need.
  • In which you clean all the fruits well with water
Growing Coffee Beans at Home

STEP - 2 

  • You now have to get out of the seed inside all the fruits without damaging the seeds.
  • And as you came out of the machine here, you can take care of espresso out of any way by taking care of it.
  • Here's the easiest way to get you out of your hands.
  • As you can see, coffee bean is very delicate and slightly wet
  • You take them comfortably in tissue paper
Growing Coffee at Home

STEP - 3

  • Now as you have been told keep these coffee beans away and keep drying in the sun for a whole day.
  • Then the next day if there is still moisture inside them, let them dry for another day.
  • Why cannot it be used until it is completely absorbed in the incense
  • On drying it will look shiny white, now you have to use it according to inside
How to Grow a Coffee Plant at Home

STEP - 4 

  • The beans you want are still below; put them in the juicer machine or the mixer machine.
  • At that time his share will be removed and your real bean will see you in the picture.
  • If you are not in the first place then you are moving a little bit in the mixer, you will easily get your coffee bean
  • All beans are separated and used as old manure and fruit as fertilizer
Grow a Coffee Plant at Home

STEP - 5 

  • Now put them in a non stick pan, and let them cook on the slow flame as shown.
  • While cooking, you have to move it lightly, taking this time will start cooking like popcorn
  • And as soon as you look like this, you will begin to feel like you are ready to give him the original color.
  • You do not have to wait until you have dark color, and as soon as you see the original color of espresso, you have to take it.
How to Grow a Coffee

STEP - 6 

  • Now separate the baked coffee and put it in the mixer machine again.
  • Grind it as you like, after that your coffee is ready to be made
  • This is the perfect way to get your cup from growing coffee to your cup.
  • In which you will tell us a lot of ways that you can drink different types of coffee every day
  • All these methods have been given to you very easily, and you will enjoy the pleasure of not being finished.

Let's start - Different ways to make coffee

How to Grow a Coffee Bean Plant at Home

20 Ways To Make Coffee at Your Place

Best Ways to Make Coffee - It's only for Coffee Lover.

20 ways to make coffee at home

20 Easy Ways Espresso

  • Here you will find easy ways in which you can easily make this drink in your house, office, or any other place in 20 ways.
  • All these ways are for you, and we will keep updating it further
  • this website is meant to tell every need of the people in detail.
  • Let's do 20 easy ways espresso
ways to make coffee

Coffee Float

  • You have to take a cup of coffee in a cup
  • Then pour 1 tablespoon cocoa powder into it and then mix it well
  • After that, add a vanilla as shown in the picture inside it and enjoy your coffee.
ways to make coffee
ways to make coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

  • Put 1 to 3 teaspoon Coconut oil in 1 cup of coffee
  • Now add unsalted butter inside it and then mix it in juicer
  • This coffee is very good for your inner strength
ways to make coffee at home

MOCHA (On the Rocks)

  • Fill up ice cube tray with coffee and freeze until solid
  • Insert 3-4 pieces inside the glass
  • Put milk inside it, mix both together and add chocolate syrup to your wish.
  • Your special coffee will be ready this coffee can be kept in a family party, it is cheap and best.
ways to make coffee at house

Iced Coconut Coffee

  • To make this coffee you have to put 4-5 ice cubes in the glass
  • Add 1 cup of Coconut Water, Coconut water keeps you fresh
  • After that add half a cup of coffee and enjoy your Great coffee
diffrents ways to make coffee

coconut mocha

  • Keep Coconut Milk warm when milk is boiled, one cup of milk under one cup
  • And add a cup of coffee, and if you are a fan of chocolate
  • you may add your favorite chocolate syrup to it.
  • This coffee will make you feel good all day
way to make coffee

espresso tonic

  • Insert 4-5 ice cubes inside a glass
  • Add 6oz tonic water, then add 2oz espresso
  • Mix both well, this coffee is the best in heat


  • First you have to boil milk cream
  • You have to put half cup of vanilla ice cream inside the glass
  • Put hot coffee on top of the glass and milk cream.
  • It is very good for the kids


  • a piece of dark chocolate to the cup,
  • Add coffee to coconut milk and put it under a light soak, when milk is boiled
  • Put this milk in the cup. This dark chocolate will melt lightly
  • And this drink is very good for your health.


  • Add cold coffee to half cup of tonic water.
  • Put 6-8 rose petals on top of it and add milk to it
  • This helps in getting a sense of beauty and refreshment

Turmeric Tutti

  • It is made for children, it is very easy to make
  • Put coffee in ice tray when its ice cube is made
  • Put a Tutti-frutti with milk in a glass, insert half teaspoon turmeric  powder
  • Add the cube to the glass accordingly
  • Turmeric and Milk are very good for your baby

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