Whole Life Insurance Policies | Whole life insurance quotes

In U.S.A Whole Life insurance most common but most important policy, average American people want to take this policy for better future.


Why Whole Life Insurance is profitable?

After Death Benefits - The amount your loved ones receive is guaranteed.

Premium: The rate you pay for your policy will never increase.

Money: A portion of your premium builds cash value which can be borrowed against.

Insurance companies providing you whole life secure, when policy holder provides guaranteed death benefits during the entire life.

Whole life insurance is the most popular and secures policy.

Who always taken by the American people

Whole life policies are guaranteed to remain in force as long as the required premiums are paid the policy is paid-in-full at the time that policy first goes into effect, with no further premiums due thereafter.

Once issued, the policy will have immediate cash value and loan value.

This type of policy is more typically used for investment purposes in America than other forms of life insurance.

In present life no anyone can giving you any Guaranteed about anything.

so it's good for you because whole life insurance giving your benefits after death

Whole life insurance Policy details:

  • Medical exam is required to start a policy
  • Policy does build cash value
  • Coverage is best for ages 50-85
  • Policy lasts your entire lifetime
  • 50,000 $  - 1 million $ + Coverage amounts range

Whole life insurance PREMIUMS are FLEXIBLE

​ if you choose to stop paying your premiums, the accrual nature of the policy premiums offers a great deal of flexibility.

You are allowed to borrow against the cash value, but may need to wait for a certain period to be eligible for the same in a number of states.

You can also stop paying new premiums or stretch the current premiums and collected cash value for a reduced benefit coverage.


How long Whole life insurance have to pay for the policy?

The shorter premium payment for a whole life insurance will have more cash value accumulation.

The longer you design a policy to pay premiums the higher the death benefit. If you want death benefit,

Go for a policy you pay until age 100.

If you want cash value, pick a whole life insurance that is paid up in 10 or 20 years.


Whole life insurance vs. Term life insurance

A Whole Life policy lasts for a lifetime, while Term Life insurance ceases,

Or becomes ridiculously unaffordable, after the specific policy’s term ends, leaving you with no coverage.

A Whole Life policy accumulates cash value throughout the life of the policy, which can be borrowed against.

By contrast, a Term Life policy accumulates no cash, so there’s no available cash value to borrow against.


Health vs. Age

The prices on a whole life increase the older you get.

The sooner you get a whole life insurance, the cheaper it will be in the long run.

The price is guaranteed to remain the same for the rest of your life.

Age plays a significant factor in how much you pay for a whole life, much more than health.

Health ratings will affect your whole life insurance, but the changes won’t be as drastic as in a Term Life insurance.

Many different factors will determine the best whole life insurance for you.

In addition, whole life is an asset, and not an expense.

Therefore, you want your assets to be the best, and not the cheapest.

Imagine a house that you are investing in.

You would like to have a great asset, not just the cheapest one. Price is important but it’s definitely not the most important.


Age and Sex

Your sex will never change, however, you will soon realize that the cost of coverage for a male and female is not the same.

This is particularly easy to see if you are buying a policy for you and your spouse.

If all else is equal, females almost always pay less for life insurance than their male counterparts.

Age also comes into play when buying whole life insurance.

Your quote is for the cost of coverage at the present time.

If you wait five years to make a purchase, don’t expect your rate to be the same.

Age and sex details are often included in a whole life insurance quote.

This gives you a clear idea of your cost now and in the future.



​ Whole life insurance policy also works as an additional financial resource.

Instead of penalizing you for using your policy money before reaching the age of 59.5.

A whole life insurance lets you use the available cash value whenever you need and later pay it back with the accrued interest.

However, the cash value is reduced by your outstanding loan amount.